Big Sean's Don Weekend Block Party

Big Sean's Don Weekend Block Party

Rapper Tray Little and Big Sean Unite to Revitalize Detroit's Neighborhood Through Music and Community Initiatives


In a heartwarming and inspiring turn of events, rapper Tray Little is set to perform at Don weekend for the renowned Big Sean on his childhood block in Detroit. What makes this performance even more remarkable is that Tray Little, after a successful journey of travel, has returned home with 1.5 million followers on TikTok. He's using his newfound influence for a powerful cause: revitalizing his childhood neighborhood.


Tray Little's story is one of passion, determination, and a commitment to positive change. After gaining a substantial online following, he decided to leverage his platform for the betterment of his community. Selling shirts emblazoned with the words "Buy the Block," Tray Little has initiated a movement to bring attention to his vision of redeveloping his childhood neighborhood.


These meaningful shirts can be found on, the platform that serves as a hub for this transformative project. Tray Little's dream of developing the block he grew up on is not just about bricks and mortar; it's about restoring hope, opportunities, and a sense of unity among the residents.


What's more, rapper Big Sean has generously donated a substantial sum to the Boys and Girls Club in the neighborhood. This donation, in the amount of 500,000 will undoubtedly have a profound impact on the lives of countless young individuals. The duo's commitment to giving back is exemplified by their plans to visit the Boys and Girls Club during the Don Weekend Block Party.


The upcoming event on August 26th promises to be a powerful spectacle of music, community, and purpose. The performances Organized by Mary Sheffield, City Council President, District 5 featuring Tray Little, other local artist and a appearance from Big Sean are not just about entertainment; they symbolize a united effort to shed light on the challenges faced by the neighborhood and its residents. By choosing to stage this event on Tray Little's childhood block, the message is clear: this is where positive change begins.


The event is expected to draw attention not only to the Boys and Girls Club but also to Tray Little's ambitious project of transforming an abandoned community into a vibrant and safe haven for youth and families. The vision of the "Buy the Block" project is one that resonates deeply, as it speaks to the empowerment of marginalized communities and the creation of opportunities for growth and success.


As the performances kick off at 11 AM on August 26th, the air will be charged with excitement and hope. Tray Little's journey from a TikTok sensation to a community leader, coupled with Big Sean's unwavering support for the community, serves as a powerful reminder that positive change is within our grasp when we come together for a common purpose. This event is more than just a musical gathering; it's a celebration of resilience, unity, and the potential for transformation.

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