Detroit Hosts First-Ever Black Tech Weekend: A Fusion of Innovation, Music, and Community Impac

Detroit Hosts First-Ever Black Tech Weekend: A Fusion of Innovation, Music, and Community Impac

In a momentous event that celebrated innovation, entrepreneurship, and the power of the community, Detroit played host to the first Black Tech Weekend at Nulab. The event, organized by Black Tech Week, brought together young, up-and-coming entrepreneurs and innovators of color for a weekend that was filled with groundbreaking moments and remarkable achievements.


Why Detroit?


The choice of Detroit as the location for the inaugural Black Tech Weekend was no coincidence. The city was selected based on a combination of factors, including popular demand, the city's significant growth in early-stage funding and investor activity, the rapidly emerging startup ecosystem, and the abundance of Black entrepreneurial and professional talent that has flourished in the city.


Rappers vs. A.I.: A Unique Showcase of Talent and Innovation


One of the standout moments of this remarkable weekend was the "Rappers vs. A.I." segment, which brought together the worlds of music and technology in an electrifying clash. The competition featured Detroit's very own Tray Little, a rapper known for his viral videos and impactful community projects, and the talented B Free. The two artists went head to head against artificial intelligence in a rap battle like no other.


Tray Little emerged victorious in the epic battle, taking home the prestigious award. His lyrical prowess and innovative approach to music left the audience in awe, proving that the fusion of music and technology can create extraordinary experiences.

The Buy The Block Project: A Vision for Community Empowerment


During the Black Tech Weekend, Tray Little took the opportunity to share his vision for community empowerment through his "Buy The Block" project. This initiative, supported by his online community, aims to independently purchase the very block where he grew up in Detroit. The project serves as a powerful testament to the impact one individual can have on their community when they channel their influence and resources for positive change.


The Creators of Rap vs. A.I

Rap vs. A.I., the captivating platform that hosted the memorable competition, was founded by Haj Flimmings and co-founded by Cynthia Respert. Their innovative concept brought together artists, technology, and A.I in a way that thrilled the audience and demonstrated the limitless possibilities of blending creativity and innovation.


Witness the Magic


For those who want to relive the electrifying Rappers vs. A.I. segment, a pre-recorded video is available for viewing. Watch Tray Little, B Free and Monalyse go toe to toe with artificial intelligence in a battle that showcases the future of music and technology. You can view the video here: Rappers vs. A.I. Video


The first Black Tech Weekend in Detroit was a resounding success, celebrating not only technological innovation but also the power of music, community, and individuals like Tray Little who are dedicated to making a difference. This event marks a significant step forward in Detroit's continued growth as a hub for entrepreneurial talent and a city that embraces positive change and innovation.

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